Blakes' 7 as an influence?

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Blakes' 7 as an influence? Empty Blakes' 7 as an influence?

Post by jock_tamsons_wee_brother on Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:49 am

Obviously Battlestar Galactica is a re-make/re-imagining of the original TV series and RDM used a lot of material from it for his version. Of course, being a veteran of the Star Trek franchise, RDM and other writers from that franchise would also have used their experience from there as an input, both positive and what to avoid. It was also mentioned that Blade Runner and Black Hawk down were also influences.

I'm also sure that given the wealth of sc-fi material available, it would be hard for RDM and his co-writers not to get influenced by them. I'm in the process of watching Blake's 7 for this first time and I can't help but see that similarities between Avon and Baltar as well as Servalan as Roslin, By this, I mean their characters, not performance. No offence to Paul Darrow and Jacqueline Pearce but given the limited material to their parts, they did wonderfully to ham it up in order to make their thinly drawn characters so memorably. Even with that, I did notice some nuances between most strikingly between Servalan and Roslin, both having that icy cold charm that hid and underline brutality.

I just wanted to know if anybody has noticed the similarities or is just con-incidental?


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