Bad writing in "The Hub"?

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Bad writing in "The Hub"? Empty Bad writing in "The Hub"?

Post by throw-41 on Thu Feb 23, 2017 2:52 am

This exchange from "The Hub" between Helo, D'Anna and the Eight with Athena's memories from her last download seems like bad writing to me:

Eight: We've gotta get D'Anna to the control room.
Helo: No, that's not the plan.
Eight: What? What plan?
D'Anna: Interesting.
Helo: I have to take her directly to the president. No one else.
Eight: That wasn't the deal.
Helo: I'm just doing what she told me to do, OK?
D'Anna: Double-dealing. It's very human. You never got that, Eight.
Helo: I'm not saying I agree. I'm saying it's my orders.
Eight (upset): So I pretty much just made a prize fool of myself, didn't I? Trust!

1. If this Eight downloaded Athena's memories she should very well know that Roslin can't be trusted even if she reads you the time of the clock on the wall. She should also know very well about "double-dealing" and deceit - that was pretty much Athena's initial assignment with Helo. And even later Athena was quite the expert in trickery and deceit - she used that to fool Caprica-Six in helping her getting her daughter back.

2. The Cylons are experts deceit and double-dealing. Eights are not an exception but rather quite the experts (see Gaeta's Eight in "Face of the Enemy", Athena, Boomer)

3. The Rebel Cylons had (originally) planned precisely the same.

4. If she had Athena's memories she should know that officers have to follow orders even if they don't like them (see "Measure of Salvation" where Athena does her duty despite being quite unhappy with the order to exterminate her "species").

So this Eight being upset about being betrayed isn't quite plausible.

The only plausible reason for her to be upset would be that she had expected Helo to treat her like his wife, but she wasn't his wife.
And it also wouldn't fit with D'Anna's remarks and that Eight's behavior.

Of course Roslin's plan here in itself seems to be quite ridiculous. Trying to betray the Rebels on their own ship where they are in control and have the superior numbers? That cancer must have had already gotten to her brain.


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Bad writing in "The Hub"? Empty Re: Bad writing in "The Hub"?

Post by JakeConhale on Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:27 am

I think it's more she put herself in Athena's shoes and believed Helo would act the same way towards her as he did towards Athena, but Helo does distinguish between Athena and other Eights and as such acts accordingly.


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Bad writing in "The Hub"? Empty Re: Bad writing in "The Hub"?

Post by Metatron_Fallen on Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:07 pm

Some people never 'get' essential life lessons. It doesn't make sense sometimes, but it is often reality. Reality often doesn't make sense.

Some women pick the same a-holes again and again, for example- throughout their entire lives.

Eight maybe has this trait where she doesn't realize she's being used while it's happening. She seemed oblivious to the way Cavil was manipulating her, that's for sure.

Just because she has experience of something or has witnessed evidence of something doesn't mean she learns from it.

D'Anna has many more life experiences with her younger sibling than you and I do. In other scenes, 8 seems frightened of D'Anna. I am pretty sure D'Anna bullied some of her younger siblings when they first came into being and joined the family. She's a bit of a psycopath, is D'Anna and for me, she is perhaps the scariest Cylon.

At any rate, all the models have inherent flaws and 8 is no different. She is based on a human, after all.

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Bad writing in "The Hub"? Empty Re: Bad writing in "The Hub"?

Post by jock_tamsons_wee_brother on Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:08 pm

It could possibly be that she was playing mind-games with Athena as as well as sowing seeds of doubt. Athena's reaction could be possible due to not totally thinking coherently due to the stress she would have being experienced at that time by being in a combat situation.


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Bad writing in "The Hub"? Empty Re: Bad writing in "The Hub"?

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