How many Baseships did the Cylon have in the beginning, how many were left in the end?

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How many Baseships did the Cylon have in the beginning, how many were left in the end? Empty How many Baseships did the Cylon have in the beginning, how many were left in the end?

Post by throw-41 on Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:05 am

As the title states, I'm wondering how many Baseships the Cylons had. Let's forget about the large mass of Baseships shown in "The Plan" - that large number was not supported by anything shown or mentioned in the Miniseries or during the Show but rather the special effects team going wild...

The following Baseships were shown to be destroyed:

1 Baseship destroyed over Kobol ("Kobol's last Gleaming") - crew resurrected.

2 Baseships and 1 Resurrection Ship destroyed ("Resurrection Ship") - all crews permanently dead.

2 of 3 Baseships damaged, possibly one destroyed ("Captain's Hand") - crew resurrected.

3 of 4 Baseships destroyed in the Battle over New Caprica, one got away damaged ("Exodus Pt. 2") - crews resurrected.

1 Baseship and its entire "died" (permanently) due to disease ("Torn"/"A Measure of Salvation")

2 of 3 Rebel Baseships destroyed and  crews permanently killed out of resurrection range in Cavil's ambush at the Trinary Star System ("The Ties That Bind"). 1 Rebel Baseship got away heavily damaged with likely serious losses to crew and near complete loss of Raider Air Wing. Cavil's 5 Baseships got away with minimal damage but likely substantial losses to their Raider Air Wings.
Per Boomer's statement the fleet was divided right down the middle, so While only 2 Rebel Baseships are shown to be destroyed on screen, likely more - up to 50% of the remaining Cylon Fleet got destroyed during engagements at other locations, resulting in the near annihilation of the models #2, #6 and #8.

2 Baseships and the Resurrection Hub destroyed and all crew permanently killed in the attack on the Resurrection Hub ("The Hub").
BTW, how the heck did Boomer get out there alive? She must have taken a Heavy Raider and jumped away, though in reality it would have been more likely that she fled to one of the two Baseships and been killed.

In total 11 Baseships got destroyed on screen.

Assuming that the Baseships that guard the Hub and Resurrection Ship(s) are permanent deployments and that they didn't lost any ships when assaulting Natalie's Rebel forces the #1s, #4s and #5s hat at least 7 Baseships left even after the destruction of the Colony. This is assuming that there were only 2 Resurrection Ships in the beginning.

So including the Rebel Baseship I come to a grand total of 19 Baseships at the outbreak of the war. Let's assume that there have been more Rebel controlled Baseships that got taken out by Cavil's forces off-screen and round that up to a grand total of roughly 32 for good measure and to stick with a power of two number. (Again, let's forget about the re-conned dren they showed in "The Plan" - if the Cylons had had really that many Baseships for the Attack no human would have gotten away during the initial attack and even if, for sure not have lasted long.

While 32 seems low it seems plausible in the context of the show. It explains why the Cylons had to rely on subversive measures like infiltrators or the backdoor in Baltar's CNP. Almost all attacks on the Colonies and the Colonial Fleet are carried out by Raiders. Had the Cylons had the forces shown in "The Plan" they could have launched an open attack and still had been victorious. Also, the Miniseries clearly established that the attack wasn't on all planets simultaneously (as shown in "The Plan") but that the Cylons rather took out vital targets first and then moved on

It would also explain why there were always only 2 to 4 Baseships in any attack on the fleet. Had the Cylons larger numbers of ships they could have easily deployed larger attack groups to finish the human fleet off.

The argument that the Cylon forces were spread thin due to the need to search for the human fleet doesn't hold water - during "33" they knew where the fleet would go and could have mounted larger attacks. And later (season 3 & 4) when they were less concerned with finding the fleet but rather a way to Earth, following the same "map" the Colonial Fleet used they should have had larger forces.

I would also assume that the remaining Baseships of Cavil's faction (at least 7) didn't all committed collective suicide but rather continued looking for the humans (and the few remaining Cylon females) to either exact vengeance (in case the ones remained in control) or to try to make peace (in case the fours and fives also revolted against the ones).

That's my take on it...


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